16 March 2011

Dear Subway,

It was completely unnecessary of you to wrap both halves of my sandwich seperately. Yes I realize it is a footlong. Yes, I realize it could easily feed two people. Yes, I realize I should probably save the other half. But let's face it, I won't.

Therefore, it was foolish and wasteful of you to wrap both halves seperately. Not only did you kill an extra tree, I am forced to exert more energy to unwrap my supposedly "healthy" sandwich. That was the purpose of visiting you, Subway. The "healthier" I eat, the less I have to feel bad for my lack of physical exertion. Had I stopped at McDonald's and ordered two McDoubles, I would have willingly burned the extra calories of unwrapping both sandwiches, but I did not go to McDonald's. I went to Subway. And you wasted my time and energy. And killed a tree in the process.

Shame on you, Subway. Shame on you.


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